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Happy Mother’s Day Australian Style

by Yvonne Russell on May 11th, 2008

It’s Mother’s Day today in Australia and New Zealand as well as the USA and many other countries - 65 in fact.

Mothers are much the same the world over, so Mother’s Day in Australia is all about mums as Aussies call “moms”.

Kids serve mum breakfast in bed if she’d lucky… and with Dad supervising, maybe she’ll hope for something more than burnt toast.

One of our favorite breakfast spreads is Vegemite. Most non Aussies think it tastes like shoe polish, but we think they’re taste buds just need adjusting. :) We love the stuff! They’re even flying it in for the Australian athletes at the Beijing Olympics.

There are presents and the rest of the day is about spoiling mum and doing the work for her - cooking meals or taking her to lunch or dinner. Phone calls from children far away and flowers are the order of the day. It’s mum’s day.

Pity it can’t last forever. Not much different from Mother’s Day in other parts of the world, is it? Oh well, maybe apart from the vegemite.

How are you spending your Mother’s Day? Are you enjoying a relaxing break?

© Image courtesy of HellAsMultimedia. Used with permission.

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