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Turn Your Love Of Writing Into A Money Making Blog - Part 1

by Mary Emma Allen on July 18th, 2008


Apply the Profit + Passion Principles to Choose a Niche

(Part 1)

By Lindsay Buroker

(Lindsay left a comment on one of my posts here at Home Biz Notes. When I visited her blog, Writing for Your Wealth, I thought, “This information is great for online writers.” So I invited her to write a guest post.

Actually it has evolved into six parts because Lindsay has so much to share. Read the Introduction to this series which appeared yesterday.)

Guest Post
Some people will tell you that you have to make a choice between writing about things you care about or things that have money making potential. And it’s true that not everything you’re interested in would make you a lot of money. But if you brainstorm a list of topics you could see yourself sticking with for years to come, I’ll bet you that at least a couple of them will have profit potential.

If you choose a niche solely on the basis of the money that can be made, you’ll have a hard time sticking to it long enough to create a money-making blog. I’ve chased the money a few times myself, and even when sites become profitable, I inevitably end up getting bored of the topic and leaving them to languish. Do yourself a favor and avoid my mistakes by picking something you’ll enjoy working on every day!

How, you may be asking, does one know if a niche has profit potential?

There are all sorts of tools on the web that allow you to research what advertisers are paying for certain keywords, or you can browse affiliate marketplaces to see what commissions are being offered. But let’s keep things simple for the sake of this article.

Once you have a list of topics you’d be interested in blogging about, write down products or services that are associated with each niche. For example, if you love skiing, write down skis, ski resorts, ski vacations, etc. If you’re thinking of a book review blog, write down books. Whatever you write about is going to determine what kinds of products can be sold or advertised on your site. The higher the profit margin for the advertiser, the more they can (and do) spend on advertising to get potential buyers to their sites.

For example, someone who sells hot tubs probably has a much higher advertising budget for each unit than someone who sells DVDs or CDs. What naturally follows is that merchants will pay more to get a customer to their site (more per click) if they’re selling something like a hot tub than if they’re selling a CD.

I’m generalizing, of course, but the more a merchant can afford to spend to get a sale, the more profitable that niche is likely to be as far as blogging. Merchants will pay more for clicks, more to buy text links on your site, and - if you get involved in affiliate marketing - you’ll get a higher payout if someone purchses one of their products through a link on your site.

Got a couple of new niches you’re ready to claim as your own?

Okay, let’s move on! “Keep tuned” for Part 2.

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