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Use A Book & A Website To Build Your Business Vision & Brand

by Yvonne Russell on July 20th, 2008

Emma Jones is the editor of Enterprise Nation, the UK’s premier home business site and the author of Spare Room Startup: How To Start A Business From Home

Emma has written a wonderful book chock full of useful information, but also beautifully presented and styled. As a lot of business owners are keen to write a book as a marketing tool for their business, we’ve been asking Emma some questions over a series of articles.

Just reading this shows you the power of having a vision, believing in your vision and going for it. It also shows the power of a book and a website to build your business brand. Thanks for the inspiration Emma and all the best with your future plans.

Tell us about your plans for your next book

I want it to be as well received as the first and a seamless follow-on. I want people who bought Spare Room Start Up to buy book number 2 as it will help them along the home business journey. I want to stay with my reader as they go from ‘home business idea’ to ‘home business growth’ - I’m working on making this fantasy plan a reality!

Where to from here for you? What are your plans for Enterprise Nation in the next 12 months? 5 years?
Oh my. Some people look at me as if I’m crazy when I outline my vision but let me share it with you (as I can’t see your response!) – my vision is for Enterprise Nation to be the leading media company for anyone starting and growing a business from home.

So, over the next 12 months, we’ll be working hard in the UK to develop the website, raise our profile, add new offline features and bring out book number two. After all that is done, we’ll be seriously looking at some international expansion. We are a small team with a big vision – let’s see if we make it!

Did you catch my book review of Spare Room Startup? For a glimpse inside the book, check out the video.

Spare Room Startup:How To Start A Business From Home can be purchased from Amazon or from the UK publisher, Harriman House.

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