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Home Biz Owners Celebration - National Work From Home Week

by Yvonne Russell on October 3rd, 2007

A tip of the hat to Laura Spencer at Work From Home Momma, who has alerted me to the fact that this week is National Work From Home Week (October 1st - 8th). Let’s make it an International Celebration.

Connect With Other Home Business Owners
As home business owners, we are often isolated in our own little cocoons. What a wonderful idea to celebrate as one group with common interests.

Even if you can’t get to any formal National Work From Home Week events, there are ways we can connect all the same. This special week is a great recognition of a growing trend in home based businesses worldwide. Let’s all celebrate together, wherever you are in the world. Let’s call it International Work From Home Week.

Get Together With Home Business Owners In Your Area
Maybe you can get together with fellow home based business owners in your area and have your own celebrations. If you don’t know any local business owners, perhaps this is a reminder to join a local network or to seek out groups where you can touch base with others, formally or informally.

That’s not only good for your business, but it can be energizing to take some time away from the business too.

Network Online With Fellow Home Business Owners
If you’re online, take the time to commment at blogs in your niche, or send an email to the owner. If you don’t comment much, take the leap, and seek out some blogs of interest to comment at. If you already comment at specific blogs, how about exploring and commenting at a few new blogs or sites related to your home business or home business in general?

This is a great way to build relationships and network.

It’s YOUR week all over the world - Work From Home Week - Let’s Celebrate!

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