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Home Business Resources Online - Barbara Brabec

by Mary Emma Allen on December 10th, 2006

From time to time I’ll refer to home business resources found which will expand upon topics I discuss, will be geared for a particular type of busienss, and offer online newsletters.

Barbara Brabec, on her web site and in her newsletter, offers information for home business owners who are striving for financial success and happiness.

I first corresponded with Barbara when she was writing a book about and for home businesses in the 1980s. I was a newspaper reporter at the time and often wrote about small businesses in my hometown. Somehow Barbara realized this (in the age before the Internet), even though she lived more than 1000 miles away. She contacted me for suggestions and information about people with home businesses in my area for her book. Eventually Barbara’s and my careers diverged when I was no longer writing for the paper.

I was delighted recently to learn Barbara has a web site and e-newsletter, as well as more books on home and small busineses. Originally Barbara wrote a great deal about craft type businesses that were operated from home or small shops. Now her web site and newsletter offer a variety of information of interest to the home business owner.

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