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Promotion for Home Businesses Has Changed with the Internet

by Mary Emma Allen on July 12th, 2007

“I’ve always considered myself a PR pro,” comments Barbara Brabec in her current e-newsletter bulletin, “but what I was particularly good at in years past was getting print publicity.  Things are different today and, thanks to Traci’s teaching [Traci Vanover]  I’ve learned a lot about the special resources and strategies needed to get publicity on and through the Web.”

Yes, for many years Barbara has been considered a pro on helping small crafts and business people promote their enterprises and has written several books on the subject.  Many of us have discovered, as Barbara has, that the PR field is a whole “different ball game” now that we can contact people all over the world through the web.  However, Barbara has been adept at adapting her advice to help craftspeople and small business owners in this Internet age.

Also, the nature of our business may change as the Internet opens up many possibilities, even when we have basically a business with customers coming into our shop or provide services away from our home office.

*We may produce an e-newsletter instead of a printed one mailed to customers.

*E-mail becomes a common method of corresponding with our customers.

*Orders will come to us via e-mail rather than, or as well as, the post office.

*Customers/clients will find you via a blog and/or web site, even if you have a physical shop.

If you’ve operated a home business during both eras, what are some ways you’ve had to change?  Do share with us.


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