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Home Biz Notes

July 12th, 2007

Promotion for Home Businesses Has Changed with the Internet

“I’ve always considered myself a PR pro,” comments Barbara Brabec in her current e-newsletter bulletin, “but what I was particularly good at in years past was getting print publicity.  Things are different today and, thanks to Traci’s teaching [Traci Vanover]  I’ve learned a lot about the special resources and strategies needed to get publicity on […]

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June 21st, 2007

Will Graduates Start Home Businesses?

May and June signify graduation time in the United States, when students are leaving school…whether high school, technical school, or other places of higher learning.  Most are venturing into the “real world” of earning a living.  Or they may have received a degree they hope will take them into a higher earning level.  It’s a time for […]

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December 10th, 2006

Home Business Resources Online - Barbara Brabec

From time to time I’ll refer to home business resources found which will expand upon topics I discuss, will be geared for a particular type of busienss, and offer online newsletters.
Barbara Brabec, on her web site and in her newsletter, offers information for home business owners who are striving for financial success and happiness.
I first […]

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