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How Do Customers Know Your Home Business Is Open for Business?

by Mary Emma Allen on August 30th, 2007

Here’s an interesting idea for businesses with a shop in the home where customers stop by?  How do customers know you’re open for business?

You probably have a sign.  Is it homemade (a piece of plywood smeared with paint or poster board with lettering in permanent marker) or is it professional looking.  When I operated a dressmaking business and gift shop in my home, Mea’s Boutique, I did go to the expense of having a professionally made sign to place in front of our house.  It more than paid for itself by attracting customers and giving the impression that I was a professional.

At Art Biz Blog, we learn how to carry this one step further in the post, Do they know you’re open for business?  One of Alyson Stanfield’s readers, John T. Unger, mentioned the success he had by purchasing inexpensive red, white, and blue  “Open” flags and placing them in front of his studio. 

I see so many of these as I go about our town or travel around various areas of the country.  I’ve never thought to ask a business owner if they really worked and brought in more business.

(Make sure, if you place a sign in front of or on your house, as well as the flags, that they’re premitted by zoning regulations.)

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