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Home Business Participation in Local & Regional Events

by Mary Emma Allen on March 26th, 2007

In order to become known around your area, participate in local and regional events, such as historical days, holiday celebrations, chamber of commerce events, tours, open houses, professional days at high schools,  and similar occasions.  You may not want to be involved in everything (you need time to run your business, too).  However, some participation can help promote your home business and get your name out there…as a business person and contributing member of the community.

Sometimes you simply pay for your name to appear on an ad supporting an event or cause.  Other times you take part in person.

*Open house - a number of businesses promote an event by running a special sale or even a sort of scavenger hunt for customers who visit on a particular day or weekend.

*School profession/occupation day - set up a display concerning your business at the school with other business people.  You explain what it’s like to operate your business.

*Donate an item for a fund raising auction or penny sale.

*Set up a booth for a historical day in town.

*Help organize one or more of the community events.

These are simply a few of the opportunities that might arise for you to become better known around your home region and to spread word about your business.

What have you participated in that you’ve found effective?

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