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Learning More About the Internet World in 2007 - for Home Business & Personal Use

by Mary Emma Allen on January 15th, 2007

I’ve begun to realize the Internet world is where we’re oriented, where business is going, writing, and the day-to-day activities of our lives.  As a society, we’re becoming more techincally talented.  Also, this trend seems to be moving faster than ever before.

If we don’t try to keep up with a computerized world, we’ll find ourselves falling behind  and miss out on so much. This isn’t to say you must know everything there is about every technical advance….and that you must spend every waking hour on the computer.  However, I find that so much of my life now is involved, in some part, with computers and the Internet.

So….my goal for 2007 is to become more knowledgeable in this area.  I’ve learned a great deal about posting on the Internet this past year with blogging and freelance writing. (I have weekly and monthly writing commitments for print and online publications, in addition to blogging.)  However, there is so much more to become adept at in order to keep up with the latest developments.

I find terms I don’t know, gadgets I’m ignorant of, techniques I need more practice with.  For a start my granddaughter’s teaching me about the ipod she received for Christmas, and my daughter is showing me how to post photos online.  My husband tells me it’s simple to download photos from the digital camera and to create my own postcards. 

When I hear others of my generation mention they don’t want to have a computer in the house, shop online, get an e-mail address, or learn new skills, I’m glad my family and colleagues and my profession lead me to adventures in the Internet world.

It’s something like my dad’s flying…when my husband and I got our first airplane, my dad declared he was never going to fly.  We could do something crazy like that, but he wasn’t joining us. 

However, the following year, after Jim graduated from Air Force pilot training, Father decided he hadn’t crashed a plane, so must be safe. He climbed into our Cessna 140, but left one foot hanging out the door. 

“Are you going to get all the way in and shut the door?” Jim asked.  “I can’t start the plane until you do.”

Father slowly pulled his foot in and shut the door.

“Might as well,” he said, “or I’ll be left behind.”  

So, I might as well join the computer/Internet revolution or be left behind.  And if my dad were alive, he’d be intrigued by the Internet world and learning with me.


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