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Meet More People - A Key for Promoting Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on June 9th, 2007

Meeting more people enables you to get the word out there about your home business, whether it’s strictly an online business, a physical business, or a combination of the two.  The more people who know about your business, the more potential customers/clients you’ll have.  Also, there will be more who spread the word even if they don’t purchase immediately, or at all.

Craftspeople and home business owners often tend to be rather solitary people.  Those who operate online businesses meet people in cyberspace but often don’t have the opportunity to get acquainted face-to-face.  Meeting people, either online or off, enriches our lives and enables us to share information about our business.

Getting the word out and letting people know what you offer becomes a priority.  So, meeting more people and developing name recognition becomes important.

*Meet people by joining online groups with similar interests.  Don’t blatantly promote your business.  Simply begin making friends.

*Develop a blog that offers information about your business and hopefully encourage comments and e-mails.  These often evolve into a way to people who help and encourage.

*Join an organization in your physical community to make the acquaintance of new people.

*Volunteer for a local cause that will help others and enable you to make friends.

*Learn to strike up conversations with people wherever you are.

*Perform acts of kindness…not necessarily for promotion but to help others and make friends.  “What goes around, comes around,” as the old saying goes.

As you begin to meet people and make friends, you’ll find you truly enjoy it.  Then your business will begin to reflect the enjoyment!

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