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Home Biz Notes

August 17th, 2008

When Text Messaging & Cell Phone Calls Drive Away Customers


Text messaging and cell phone calls have their place in business, but there can be times when they drive away customers.  They’re part of our modern technical world and can be an assistance in business.
However….there is a time and place!
This is something you must be aware of and enlighten any employees.  When a customer is […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 1 comment

June 20th, 2008

5 Tips for Better Customer Relations in Your Home Business

Customer service and customer relations are very important for maintaining your business.
*Encourage customer feedback and learn to handle it in a diplomatic way.
*Sometimes, no matter what you do, you won’t satisfy a customer and are better off without them. However, try, as much as possible, to have the parting amicable.
*Develop […]

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May 31st, 2008

Do You Use E-Cards In Your Home Business?

E-cards and postcards…do you use them?  A discussion evolved about this at a blog I read regularly.
I used to open e-cards and enjoyed receiving them. Then spammers and hackers began using them for their own reasons, even to infect our computers with viruses. So there is only one person whose e-cards I’ll open.   (Some say […]

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March 7th, 2008

Dealing With Difficult Customers In Your Home Business

Home Biz Notes.com 
 Dealing with difficult customers presents a challenge in any business and home businesses are no exception.  This sometimes is additionally challenging to those involved in the arts because they’ve often concentrated solely on creating their work.  Now they discover, if they want to develop an income producing business, they must deal with customers […]

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February 27th, 2008

Can Blogging Harm Your Home Business?

 (Oops!  Somehow this title got posted instead of saved.  So I’d better finish  and let you know what I was thinking. So if you saw only the title, here’s “the rest of the story.” )
Generally we regard blogging as a method to help promote a business by informing customers, providing added information resources, bringing a more personal side […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 9 comments

February 11th, 2008

Spreading Business Cheer For Valentine’s Day

 Valentine’s Day provides an opportunity for families to have fun, and for you to do something special for your home business customers. Perhaps you decorate your shop or web site, give cards to your customers, have goodies to eat when they stop by, hand out a flower, hold a drawing or contest…in some way spread […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 3 comments

July 24th, 2007

Home Biz Notes Participates in the Business Channel “Summer Business” Theme

b5media’s Business Channel featured a Summer Business Day with a grand array of articles from its bloggers.  I discussed Taking Care of Your Home Business Customers and the importance of the promotional practices you use.
Some of the topics: honesty and ethics in business, free services, building a large blog audience at MySpace, the stress of being […]

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July 18th, 2007

Customers Are Your Home Business Lifeline Other Bloggers Agree

If you’re in business, you need customers or clients…those are your lifeline to existence.  In several posts, I’ve discussed getting and keeping customers.  The comments I’ve received often expand upon the information and give additional hints.
For instance, in response to my post, Taking Care of Your Home Business Customers, Yvonne Russell of Grow Your Writing […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 4 comments

July 16th, 2007

Taking Care of Your Home Business Customers

In a previous post, Home Business Promotion Involves “Repeats,” I mentioned the importance of developing promotional practices to encourage your customers to return.  Yvonne Russell, of Grow Your Own Business, pointed out in her comment, “There is quite a bit of research on the fact that it costs a lot more in dollars and time to get […]

By Mary Emma Allen -- 6 comments

June 9th, 2007

Meet More People - A Key for Promoting Your Home Business

Meeting more people enables you to get the word out there about your home business, whether it’s strictly an online business, a physical business, or a combination of the two.  The more people who know about your business, the more potential customers/clients you’ll have.  Also, there will be more who spread the word even if […]

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