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Mom Giveaways - A Contest Listing Site

by Mary Emma Allen on October 18th, 2008



Giveaways and contests have become a big item on blogs nowadays. Whether you’re operating a business blog or a personal one, traffic seems to increase any time you offer a giveaway or contest.

There are so many that some bloggers compile them on special sites or blogs and update the listings daily. I discovered Mom Giveaways.com as a place where I can list the giveaways on my blogs.  I spoke with Courtney, who operates Mom Giveaways, and she shares her thoughts on this type of home business.

Mea: Why did you decide to develop a contest listing blog/site?

Courtney: I started MomGiveaways.com because I love to enter giveaways, contests, and sweepstakes but finding them can be time consuming. After seeing how many people, especially moms, enter giveaways I decided I was not the only one. MomGiveaways.com was started in an effort to make giveaways easier to find and enter for those who love giveaways.
Mea: How can something like Mom Giveaways be developed into a home business idea?

Courtney: I have one basic source of income with Mom Giveaways right now.  That is paid ads in the form of 125X125 ads and in featured giveaways text-link-ads. I am also in the process of writing an ebook and hope to build a newsletter readership with it. I also have a lot of other ideas that are in the works. The process of actually listing the giveaways and contests is very time consuming.
Mea: How do you promote or get the word out about Mom Giveaways?

Courtney: At first I just started listing every giveaway and contest I found. Bloggers would eventually see my link back to them and come check the site out. [This is how I discovered Courtney!] I have also experimented with Entrecard and got some good traffic from that in the beginning, not so much now. I also used Project Wonderful and advertised on mom blogs since that was my target auidence. Participating in the Bloggy Giveaway Carnival really made a huge difference.
Mea: Do you find your Mom Giveaways gets many visits?
Courtney: I average about 250-300 visits a day and have about 200 subscribers at the moment.
Mea: Is there anything else you’d like to share with us about yourself and Mom Giveaways?

Courtney: Mom Giveaways is the only contest listing site that I know of that also lists giveaways by the day they are going to end in our “Ending Soon” section. I also have a lot more features planned and am working hard behind the scenes to make the site user friendly.
Mea: Do you have any other blogs or web sites?

Courtney: My personal blog is A Mom Speaks and I also have a medical spouse support blog at Married To a Doctor. My newest project is a review network called Faith Approved that reviews Christian products.
Incidentally, you may find Courtney’s site referred to as Contests 4 Moms.  When she found a similarly named site, she changed it to Mom Giveaways so the two wouldn’t get confused. Once she changed names her readership increased tremendously.

Mea: Thanks, Courtney, for sharing with us at Home Biz Notes how to develop a unique home business.


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