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More about the Brother Printer in the Home Business Print Contest

by Jean Murray on January 24th, 2009

I’m running a Home Business Brother Printer contest here on Home Biz Notes. Go to my January 21st post to see the rules, comment and enter (please do NOT comment on today’s post, just on the Jan. 21st one.). Be sure to let me know how you would like to use the printer if you win.

I wanted to let you know about the Brother MFC 6490CW printer and its features, so the winner will know what he/she is getting, and so the rest of you will have an opportunity to consider it the next time you are looking for a printer.

First, I should tell you that this printer is bigger than you might expect. If you have used other all-in-one printers, you will be surprised to see that it’s half again as large as an HP or Lexmark (both of when I have used). But it fits nicely on the top of a credenza and, except for the power plug, all the controls are on the front or the side, so there is no problem with having to go around the back to do things.

Wireless Setup. i’m pretty computer savvy, and tech un-savvy, so I approached the setup with some concern. I’m also someone who doesn’t like to have to go to the manual. I did use the manual to set up the wireless. Once I found my network WEP key (on the back of my router), I was all set - it took me about 15 minutes. My only complaint about the setup (actually the only complaint with the printer at all) is that the menu screen kept timing out on my while I was trying to figure out what to do. I did figure out that I could set the time-out on the screen to 5 minutes, but when you are working with a setup, it may take 5 minutes just to read the manual.

Other Setup. The cartridges (4 colors) were easy to install, and the machine setup was quick, although I never did find the test page and couldn’t figure out how to run one (I looked on the Brother printer website - no luck). The setup on the menu screen was easy to read and the buttons were clearly marked, so I had no trouble getting through the initial setup. I like having 4 separate cartridges, because then I don’t have to replace them all when the black runs out.

Printing. I’ve been doing a lot of printing - I have run multiple color copies, and business cards on card stock, with no problem. The print tray holds about 150 pages, but there is a second print tray which can be used for overflow or for large copies.

Scanning. The printer scans up to 11×17 sized documents. My husband loved this, because he does geneology and he wanted to scan a large book. It was no problem, and he was able to do the scan and print a copy easily. He figured out the scanning function quickly and he’s been fighting with me to use the printer ever since!

AutoDoc Feeder. The printer has an automatic document feeder, for up to 50 pages. This is a great feature for allowing you to insert pages and let it go.

Price. Are you ready for a surprise? The printer is surprisingly inexpensive. It’s available on Amazon for under $200 and on the Brother site for $299.99 .

Tomorrow, more about faxing and other features.

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