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Brother Printer Contest - LAST DAY (and Pros/Cons of Printer)

by Jean Murray on January 28th, 2009

Today is the last day of the printer contest; it ends at 11:59 tonight. Here is the link of the post to use to enter the contest:

Home Business Printer Contest

Please do NOT respond to today’s post - go to the contest post and comment, so your comment will be counted.

I also described more features of the printer last week, and I wanted to give you some final pros and cons for the printer.   I have been using my Brother MCP 6490CW for about a week, and for the most part I love it.

Best features:
Faxing is easy - I just plugged in my phone cord, ran through the fax menu, and the fax was sent.
The automatic document feeder is wonderful. If I have a stack of items I need to copy, they can be fed through quickly.

There is a neat little “tab” thingy that pulls out in the front to prevent the paper from flying out as it comes off the printer. My husband wondered if that would cause a jam if you printed a bunch of sheets. I could not get it to jam, so I don’t know.

The printer is fast, almost as fast as the laser printer I have. I’ve been using the Brother for both black/white and color, and it prints quickly, even in color.


I can’t really find much negative to say about this printer. Here was one thing I found annoying.  The menu screen times out too quickly.  When I was setting up the wireless network, it kept timing out and I kept having to start over. The longest I could set the menu screen was 5 minutes, which isn’t much when you’re trying to find information and read setup manuals.

The wireless network only allows two computers under the license. I didn’t find this out until I closely read the wireless setup guide. If you have more than two computers on the wireless network, you have to get an additional license.

The cartridges are expensive (but aren’t they all). I found them for various prices online, but all were around $30.00 each. The color is not quite as good as the laser, but it’s very good.

I have used several other “all in one” printers (a Lexmark X83 and an HP Deskjet) and I would say the new Brother MCP 6490CW is a generation ahead of them. It is faster, has more capabilities (especially the wireless feature)l, and it’s a great printer. And the price makes it a an excellent deal. If you are looking for a printer that can do everything except high-speed laser printing, it should be at the top of your list of possibilities.

Image courtesy Brother

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