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Plan for Home Business Theme Days in Advance

by Mary Emma Allen on September 20th, 2007

Laura, at Work From Home Momma, mentioned in her comment to the previous post, Basing Your Home Business Promotions Around Themes, that business owners can begin planning for next year. 

“It’s not too late to put it [pilot theme day…or any other] on your calendar for next year, either.  Especially if you are going to purchase or make items based on the theme, you will need some lead time.”

So begin planning ahead for theme days.  Then the date isn’t suddenly upon you without your having made any products, prepared a promotion, or developed a strategy.

* Put the various dates on your calendar. 

*Look at the dates periodically.

*Jot down as ideas occur on your calendar.

*Make items for various promotions, sales or themes ahead of time.

*Perhaps you can get others to join your for a theme day…either within an Internet group or your community.

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