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August 29th, 2008

Kathleen Walls’ Travel Books About the Southeastern U.S.

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During August, we’ve had a theme of travel and related home businesses.  So I’m rounding out the month by discussing Kathleen (Katy) Walls’ travel books with her. Katy has producted them through her Florida home based publishing business.  We also learn from Katy that you can write books about the places close to home without traveling to exotic […]

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August 25th, 2008

Kathleen Walls - From Author to Self-Publisher to Publishing Business


For more than a decade, since I met Kathleen (Katy) Walls, I’ve seen her move from author to self-publisher to forming a publishing business, Global Authors Publications (GAP).  I thought some suggestions from Katy would help writers understand the publishing business from the perspective of an author/publisher. 
Katy founded GAP in 2004 to publish her books from her Florida home.  […]

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August 7th, 2008

Thursday Thirteen - 13 Travel Related Home Businesses


Since August represents Travel Month here at Home Biz Notes, I’ll take time today, Thursday, to mention 13 travel related home businesses that come to mind.  Of course, there will be more, and you may be involved in a type I’ve not discussed here.  Feel free to mention it in the comments.
These may be […]

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August 2nd, 2008

Travel - the Lure of the Ages


Travel - the lure of distant lands, the desire to see around the next bend, the call of the unknown, the inability to stay in one place  has affected humans from time unknown.  Some people, though, desire to stay at home, while others tour the globe.
Nowadays, we can experience both by working at home in travel related […]

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August 1st, 2008

Travel - Our August Theme at Home Biz Notes


Travel in its many variations is our August theme at Home Biz Notes. 
However, we will have other home business information for you.  So, if you’re not involved in travel or don’t like to travel, you won’t feel neglected.
In the travel area, we’ll feature:

Travel Writing
Traveling for business and recreation
Travel books
Bed and Breakfast businesses
Travel agency at home
Travel […]

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June 27th, 2008

Travel “Green” On Your Business & Family Jaunts


Traveling “green,” without harming the environment has become very popular. Liz Lewis, my co-blogger at Alzheimer’s Notes, writes a very interesting and informative new blog on this topic at b5media, Traveling the Green Way.
Going “green,” traveling “green,” wearing “green”, in fact, anything “green” that helps save the environment has become a very popular word. […]

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January 17th, 2008

Home Business Travel - Routine Or Chaotic?

My husband and I travel frequently by plane so have to develop ways to get our luggage from place to place efficiently. Also, we’ve had to become adept with our carry-on bags. 
I’d begun to notice that many men and women use fanny packs. I realized if I use one, I don’t have to panic, “Where’s […]

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September 20th, 2007

Plan for Home Business Theme Days in Advance

Laura, at Work From Home Momma, mentioned in her comment to the previous post, Basing Your Home Business Promotions Around Themes, that business owners can begin planning for next year. 
“It’s not too late to put it [pilot theme day…or any other] on your calendar for next year, either.  Especially if you are going to purchase or […]

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July 23rd, 2007

Travel While Operating Your Home Business

With many businesses these days, you can operate it wherever you happen to be making your home or while you’re traveling.  Some people travel and then return to a home base.  Others continually travel.  So you’ll see different types of home businesses with a travel orientation.
*Last night a friend told me about a couple she […]

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