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Producing Effective Newsletters for Promoting Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on January 30th, 2007

Many home business owners us e-mail and print newsletters to share their news and work.  These newsletters vary in style and content, depending on the type of home business and what you want to share.

Generally you use e-mail newsletters if you desire to reach customers beyond the area where you live.  If you have an online shop, or traditional store that also offers Internet sales, you’ll favor an e-mail newsletter. 

 If you mainly sell to customers who frequent the shop in your home, you might print  monthly flyers with sales, new products, and interesting product information.

Various types of newsletters:

*Promoting sales and new products

*Keeping customers informed about what you’re doing in your life.  Some business owners, especially those associated with the crafts, include family tidbits as well.

*Schedule of your classes if you teach these.

*Instructions and product tips.

*Interesting information about your type of business or how to use your products.

*Photos of your work.

Newsletters will vary and take on a personality of their own, depending on the business owner.  They often become items your customers look forward to, even though the newsletters are promoting your business.


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