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Home Business Newsletter Tips

by Mary Emma Allen on April 23rd, 2007


 “Make sure we have your e-mail address if you want our newsletter,” the owner of a small shop mentioned, as I paid for my purchase.  “Starting in two months, we’re going to an e-mail newsletter.”

Then she explained more people seemed to prefer the e-newsletter nowadays.  This worked well for her because it was becoming very costly to send newsletters by mail.  For customers who didn’t have e-mail, she would have printed copies on the counter for them to pick up.

More businesses have been developing newsletters…whether it’s a shop where customers stop by or entirely an online business.  Developing a newsletter for your home business enables you to keep in contact with your customers, inform them of new products and happenings, as well as providing interesting related information.

*Keep your newsletters short.  People seem to want abbreviated versions these days.

*Use pictures and graphics whenever possible, also color.

*Include something of interest other than strictly product/service promotion. 

*Look at other newsletters and notice what catches your eye, either good or bad.  You won’t copy these newsletters, but see what is appealing and what you might want to avoid.  Then create something of your own.

*Put your own personality into the newsletter to make it unique as well as useful, along with letting people know about your product(s) and service(s). 

*Some newsletters, depending on your customer base, include additional information, such product tips, home care or yard care tips, history about specific products, recipes, time saving tips, bookkeeping tips, puzzles, appropriate jokes, something about your life, etc.

*Get feedback from customers.  Ask what they’d like to see in a newsletter.

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