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Readers’ Comments Provide Great Home Business Information

by Mary Emma Allen on October 21st, 2008


Our readers often contribute interesting insights and offer good advice in the comments to many of our posts.  I’d like to share a few here.

 Cautions & Recommendations Before You Self-Publish by Yvonne Russell evoked these responses.

Lillie of LillieAmmann.com/blog mentions:

Thanks for giving the perspective of booksellers and librarians. Too often writers don’t think about their need for profitability and credibility - writers just want stores to carry their books. Seeing the perspective of booksellers is helpful.

I (Mary Emma) added in response to Yvonne’s post:

Self-publishing can be a great way for business owners to promote themselves and to provide information about their products or their niche of expertise. However, as Yvonne mentions, it isn’t all fun and roses. You should go into self-publishing with your eyes open, looking at the pros and cons. Yvonne has provided some very informative tips to consider.

 Working Successfully As A Home Business Team evoked this contribution from Laura Spencer at Business and Blogging :

Great post on teamwork and home businesses. I think most people think that when they start a home business they must do it alone. Your post shows that is not the case.

Do Promotional Pens Have Value brought an interesting response from Shannon Cherry of Start Up Spark:

Interesting post, Mary Emma. I actually believe unless pens really link to your business, they aren’t worth much for promo purposes. I advise my clients to find a promotional item that relates to their business, but is also useful.

For example, one interior designer bought tons of pens, which no one thought about after she gave them away. Once we switched to a flower clip that attaches to purses, everyone was a buzz about how chic and interesting they were. And the more people talked about them, which meant more exposure for her!

Check out some of the comments on other posts at Home Biz Notes.  Our readers have great ideas.  Leave your comments and ideas for us, too!

(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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1 opinion for Readers’ Comments Provide Great Home Business Information

  • Lillie Ammann
    Oct 21, 2008 at 9:09 am

    Mary Emma,
    This is a great way to continue the conversation and draw attention to comments. I usually read blogs in a feed reader and don’t see comments unless I click over to make a comment of my own. Often comments add to the subject and give new insights and different perspectives.

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