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Recycling Your Blog Posts for Greatest Productivity

by Mary Emma Allen on August 7th, 2008


As a newspaper reporter and freelance journalist, I learned to “get the most mileage” from my interviews and research.  Most of the time, a journalist has far more information than needed for the immediate story. So why not write a variety of articles/stories from it?

The same can be said for your blog posts.

*Some might act as springboards for new ones.

*Some could be revised and used again at a later date.

*You could link to them from new posts.

*Also, check out Liz Fuller’s suggestions, at Business and Blogging.  She has some very creative ideas in her post (#2 in a series): What to do with old Blog Posts: Create Handouts. 

“Now why didn’t I think of that?” I asked myself.  It makes so much sense to print off the blog posts that relate to various aspects of your business.  Send them in mailings, include them in e-mails, and use them as hand-outs at your business.

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