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Success Tips For Craft Show Preparation in Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on December 16th, 2007

At this time of year, there often are many holiday bazaars and craft shows where you can display and sell the items you produce.  Many home business owners expand upon their home shops and online business by attending craft fairs and other similar events.Preparation generally is the key to having success at a  craft show…in terms of people coming to your booth and items sold.  (Yes, there are some variables you can’t control such as weather, conflict with a school program, office parties, etc.)  However, you can become knowledgeable about the strategies you can control for shows.

I came across a very informative item at A Patchwork World, The Do’s and Don’ts of Craft Shows.   The information given is applicable to anyone attending shows, not just quilting and fabric art.

Even if you finished with shows until 2008, you may find these tips helpful in your future planning.  You may have that “Ah! Ha!” moment, when you wonder why you didn’t think of something so simple as one or more of the tips.

 You’ll also find more information about craft shows and business in Barbara Brabec’s books.

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