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Thursday Thirteen - 13 Autumn Activities for Business & Family

by Mary Emma Allen on September 25th, 2008


Autumn brings to mind harvest time and fun activities my family and I enjoy.  Some businesses are condusive to family activities, while with others you might incorporate a few into decorations and advertising.

I also found autumn a pleasant time when I was growing up on the farm even though we had to work hard, too, gathering in the crops and picking the apples my father raised.  This was a family enterprise into which we were involved in fun activities as well work.

Here are some activities you might enjoy with your family.  Perhaps some could be incorporated into your business, too.

  1. Carving pumpkins
  2. Painting faces on pumpkins
  3. Picking apples
  4. Making apple dishes such as applesauce, pies, and crisp (and reading recipes)
  5. Taking hikes midst autumn scenery
  6. Raking leaves into piles and jumping into them
  7. Drinking apple cider and munching on donuts
  8. Making Halloween costumes
  9. Reading autumn stories
  10. Drawing autumn pictures
  11. Making collages with leaves and pictures from magazines
  12. Creating an autumn scrapbook
  13. Telling ghost stories
  14. Gather leaves and press them

What do you do in the autumn?  What are favorite activities in your family? 

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