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Thursday Thirteen - 13 Types Of Home Business To Consider

by Mary Emma Allen on January 24th, 2008


Home businesses range from small one-person operations to larger ones with employees and equipment.  They may be operated solely online or completely off line in a portion of your home. Also, you might have the office in your home, but your service is performed at your customer/client’s house or business. 

Here are just thirteen possibilities, if you’re thinking of opening your own.  You also can use these as springboards and consider variations of them.

  1. Snow plowing (winter) and yard work (other seasons).
  2. Medical transcription
  3. Accounting and billing
  4. Editing or other writing related projects
  5. Skincare and beauty consultant
  6. Daycare
  7. Tutoring
  8. Housecleaning and home organizing
  9. Giving music lessons
  10. Plant rental or upkeep service
  11. Pet grooming and/or pet sitting
  12. Cake decorating for special occasions
  13. Dressmaking and alterations

Add to this list.  Share with us what you do!

(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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