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Working at Home Helpful for Caregivers

by Mary Emma Allen on April 12th, 2007

Here’s an interesting reason for having a home business…you’re able to care for a family member who is ill, has a debilitating disease, has Alzheimer’s, or is handicapped and dependent on others for assistance.  You’re not juggling your work-away-from-home schedule with caring for them.

Katelyn at Life Without Memories gives us advantages (and disadvantages) for working at home when you have an Alzheimer’s family member.  She also refers to Laura at Writing Thoughts who tells about working at home and caring for her father with Alzheimer’s, as well as her family.

Granted, you’ll still have a juggling job, but you won’t have quite the rigid schedule and you’ll be nearby.   These writers generally talked about caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s.  However, you can transfer their reasons to anyone you need to care for while working at home.

I worked at home and away from home when my mother, who had Alzheimer’s, lived with Jim and me.  My writing work was done mainly at home and could include chats with Mother.  (She has always encouraged me in my writing career.) 

However, I did substitute teaching, so on those days took Mother to a day care.  It involved juggling, but I was grateful that I had some flexibility…and have those memories of days with Mother while writing and researching.

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1 opinion for Working at Home Helpful for Caregivers

  • Laura
    Apr 12, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    Thanks for mentioning my experiences! We lost Dad to difficulties related to Alzheimer’s in January. Working at home definitely DID allow me the flexibility to spend more time with him.

    However, readers should also know that taking even part of the responsibility for a loved one who is sick is time-consuming. There can be unexpected trips to the hospital, the doctor, and so on. My home-based business was part-time during the time that I was responsible for my Dad.

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