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Host A Christmas Wrapping Night For Charity - 10 Creative Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

by Yvonne Russell on December 4th, 2007

As home business owners we can easily get caught up in our end of year Christmas business frenzy.

Sometimes it’s good to give back to the community. You could organize some donations from the community and your suppliers, and host a family Christmas gift wrapping community night for a local charity or church.

Here are 10 creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas to get you started.

  1. Use newspaper comics as wrapping paper - great for kids, teens and adults.
  2. Use a jump rope instead of a ribbon for jump rope fans.
  3. Scan or photocopy photos and make a collage on craft paper, or personalize a gift box.
  4. Potato print or rubber stamp craft paper to make unique gift wrap.
  5. Let children draw or paint on plain paper to make their one unique gift wrapping paper
  6. Use Christmas ornaments to add that extra touch to the ribbon and wrapping, or add a simple cellophane plume.
  7. Make a themed gift basket to suit the person you’re giving it to.
  8. Add a fancy ribbon you made yourself. This video shows you how. It’s actually very easy but looks fantastic!
  9. Wrap a gift in layers with a different person’s name on each layer. The last person’s name is the one the gift is for - great fun for a family.
  10. Use a tablecloth, towel or fabric to wrap gifts - great for themed gifts e.g. fabric for a sewer or quilter.

Over To You
Do you have other simple creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas? I’d love you to share them. What was the most creatively wrapped gift you’ve received? How does your home business get involved in community events?

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