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Writing Press Releases for Home Business Promotion

by Mary Emma Allen on August 16th, 2007

                                  One of the traditional methods of obtaining publicity for a business has been press releases, written by the business owner, or someone hired for them. (I once did this, on a freelance basis, for a real estate office, as well as write their ads.)  You can send these to print publications and online e-zines and web sites.However, how you write a press release determines whether it’s read by the appropriate person and used. 

*If it’s well written and short, a publication may use the press release in its entirety.

*Sometimes they take the information and enter it into a calendar of events, people in the news, or “news notes.”

*A reporter may be given the press release and asked to contact you for an interview.

*If it contains too much informatin (like prices) that the publication determines is ad material, they may eliminate that data or disregard the press release entirely.  Publications differ on what they will accept, so you need to find their guidelines.

Sharon Housley at Business Know-How, has some great press release tips on her post, 8 Tips to Positive Press Exposure. 

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