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How the Weather Affects Home Based Businesses

by Mary Emma Allen on December 4th, 2006

As we listen to weather reports, or experience it ourselves, we discover that the weather affects businesses everywhere, including home based businesses. The weather can have a good or drastic effect. Also, what can be drastic for one business can be a boon for another…from the same storm or disaster.

So when you’re in business, you want to have contingency plans to put into place if you are affected by weather related emergencies.

*What will you do if the electricity is off for a day or more?

*What happens when online connections are disrupted?

*What if you have to leave your home for a day or more?

*What if customers can’t get out to your home-based shop?

*What if you can’t get deliveries of materials or ship out orders?

*What happens if you can’t produce your product or offer your service?

*What if you don’t have income coming in for several days to a month?

*Is there some way you can operate your business even though some or all of the above occur due to weather?

As you’re setting up plans for your business, and as you conduct business, think of senerios and jot down plans to have in place during emergencies.

“Oh, that will never happen here. That will never happen to me” we remark.

Hopefully it doesn’t. However, why not be prepared?

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