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Bed & Breakfast Business - Do You Have What It Takes?

by Yvonne Russell on March 24th, 2008


Many of us who work from home go elsewhere for meetings because we don’t want our home on show, or don’t want clients in our house for any number of other reasons.

There are 20 000 licensed Bed and Breakfast owners in the US alone.

Their home is their business in every sense. Clients don’t come for meetings. They come to stay.
Do you have what it takes to run a financially successful bed and breakfast?
For the right person, couple or team, it can be a rewarding home business.

21 Brainsparks For Prospective Bed and Breakfast Owners

  1. Do you enjoy dealing with people?
  2. Do you have private space in your home?
  3. Do you have some time to yourself?
  4. Do you take pride in your home and gardens?
  5. Are your children at a stage where your bed and breakfast business and family needs are compatible?
  6. Does your home lend itself to a conversion or do you need a ready made bed and breakfast?
  7. Will it be in your area or will you relocate?
  8. Have you checked out your competition?
  9. What are the local regulations for home businesses?
  10. What are the local regulations for bed and breakfast businesses?
  11. Have you stayed in bed and breakfasts yourself?
  12. Have you spoken to bed and breakfast owners?
  13. Have you joined a bed and breakfast association or done a course?
  14. Will you operate year round?
  15. Will there be enough clients in your area?
  16. What is there to draw clients to your area?
  17. What is your point of difference?
  18. Are you able to set a routine for yourself?
  19. Are you able to be flexible?
  20. Are you a member of local networking groups?
  21. Have you read recommended books on the topic?

How to Open a Financially Successful Bed & Breakfast or Small Hotel is a great practical business reference with solid information and a bonus CD with forms.

If you own a bed and breakfast business (or any other home business), and would like to be interviewed for Home Biz Notes, I’d love to hear from you.

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