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Baby Boomers Business Ideas To Take On The Road As You Travel

by Yvonne Russell on October 10th, 2008

Many baby boomers are starting to retire from the 9-5, but don’t want to retire completely.

What appeals to you?

  • work part time
  • start or expand a home business
  • take on a franchise
  • travel (short trips or an extended trip)

What businesses can you take on the road with you?

  • If you want to travel you have to think laterally, whether it’s for shorter trips or an extended trip.
  • Do you have a mailing address at least part of the time or internet access?
  • Can you find work as you travel in the local area if you are staying awhile?

Would These Activities Suit You?

  • writing (author or freelance writing)
  • editing
  • bookkeeping/accounting
  • dog grooming
  • fruit picking
  • internet based businesses
  • beauty treatments
  • house sitting
  • gardening
  • relieving at a bed and breakfast or motel
  • art and crafts
  • selling at markets
  • Any other suggestions?

Regardless of your age -
Have you ever taken a business on the road? We’d love to hear about it.

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