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Capturing the “Green” Trend in Business & Writing

by Mary Emma Allen on September 15th, 2008


I’ve been writing travel articles for years and once was editor of a regional travel publication.  Currently I write a travel column, Vagabond Traveler, for American Roads Travel Magazine.

I decided to expand upon this and write The “Green” Vagabond Traveler as a blog and see where it goes.  Although the blog features traveling and what I encounter in my travels, it also touches upon “green” as it affects various aspects of our lives.

Even though I sometimes feel “green” is concentrated on almost too much in our lives, our work, our travel, our recreation, our clothing, and interior decorating, it seems to be a popular buzz word right now.  In a survey of topics for writers, the concensus seems to be that “green” subjects were most in demand by editors.  (So what’s a writer to do?)

What’s your take on this?

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