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When The Newspaper Publicity Article Gets Your Details Wrong - What Is Your Back Up Plan?

by Yvonne Russell on July 4th, 2008

Imagine your horror when the big front page splash in your local paper gives the wrong date for your business event.

There’s a lesson to be learned here. The front page fiasco happened to a local charity in my area. They planned for months and months to host a fundraising second hand book sale.

The book sale is their major event of the year. As you can imagine, it took lots of man hours with volunteers working long and hard for a good cause.

The front page coverage was a great story. It even had a photo, but the most important detail was wrong. The article listed a date for a week after the actual event.

  • Check that the reporter has the correct contact and date/time details
  • Reiterate them if need be
  • Send a follow up thank you email and include the date and time again
  • Don’t rely on only one form of getting the word out
  • Have a back up publicity and communication plan
  • Make sure there is a correction if there is an error
  • Don’t play the blame game. Just get it fixed.

In this case, the local radio station came to the rescue. This sort of support is easier for charities to get than for private businesses, unless it is a community or fundraising event.

A correction in the paper is often hidden away and missed, whereas the front page article (with the error in this case) is what people keep.

  • Have you had experiences like this with your home business or community publicity?
  • How did you solve the problem?

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