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Cross-Promotion on Blogs for Home Businesses

by Mary Emma Allen on May 6th, 2007

Yvonne Russell, of Grow Your Writing Business, posed a very interesting suggestion abut cross-promotion  in her comment to my post, What Should Home Business Owners Blog About

She mentioned, “there is also scope for complementary businesses who are not in competition, e.g. hair care and skin care, to even develop a working relationship and do some cross promotion on their blogs, just as they would if they were around the corner and working in tandem.” 

This would be a productive use of business blogging and promotion.  By various home businesses planning joint promotions, they could get twice as much mileage from their blogging…since each would be sending out messages to their customers.  If a number of businesses worked together, there would be even more exposure for each business.

Businesses often do this for a town “market day,” “summer fair,” Octoberfest,” etc. when the owners join together for promotion and sponsor events.  Why not home businesses doing something similar via their blogs?

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