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5 Group Promotion Tips for Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on June 18th, 2007

Usually you benefit when you join others in advertising and promoting your home business.  This may be a group of home businesses.  Or it could be a number of businesses in your community that have a similar focus or are located in a particular area of town.

*You may do a joint newspaper ad, joint radio or TV spot.  This would enable you to appear on a half or full page ad, or more radio spots, whereas you’d find it difficult to afford it just by yourself.

*You participate in an event together. This might be a craft fair, a Main Street event, tour of various businesses, a holiday celebration, a civic event.

*You might join an unbrella group that looks for various promotional opportunities to get your name out there online and in the print media. 

*You become listed with an organization, sometimes for a fee and sometimes without charge, that serves as a resource for people looking for your products or services.  For instance, I’m listed with a children’s authors’ organization as an author who gives presentations in schools.  I’ve been contacted by a number of schools because of this listing.

*Link with other web sites or blogs via a web ring or blog ring.  Then someone may find your business web site or blog because the visited a colleague’s.

Have you been involved in group promotion?  Are there creative methods used that otherw ould like to hear about?


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