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Do You Tie Your Home Business Promotions Into Unique Celebrations

by Mary Emma Allen on June 9th, 2008


Associating business promotions with holidays and celebrations (local and national) often works well.

However, do you look for unique celebrations for creating promotions? These may catch attention and make people curious about your business.

You’ll discover all types of holidays and celebrations in every country. There are lists of holidays available on the Internet.

List of Holidays is one place to begin your search for holidays.

List of Holidays by Country

Public Holidays in the Cayman Islands

Holidays in Italy

List of Holidays in Israel

All Holiday Cafe

Check out an Internet search for more holidays around the world.

For instance, at All Holiday Cafe, I discovered that yesterday, June 7, was Daniel Boone Day and today is World Ocean Day. I used this fact, Daniel Boone Day, as a springboard for some blog posts (including this one!).

In most any type of business, you can incorporate the theme of holidays and celebrations. Some will be holidays you normally recognize. Others will be those you’ll use for unique promotions.

How do you use holidays of various types for your business promotions?

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