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Does “Going Gray” Affect Your Home Business?

by Mary Emma Allen on October 1st, 2008


From “going green” it’s now “going gray” and wondering about how this affect’s one’s business. This refers to growing older and turning gray.

In today’s society, these don’t automatically translate into greater wisdom and experience as they have in other cultures. The media focuses on youth and inexperience and living light and loose. So do people who are entering those “mature” years find themselves shuttled aside when it comes to operating a business, getting loans, holding a job?

The Baby Boomers, those once voices of youth and causes, now often find themselves entering the realms of the retired and “pushed aside.”

Throughout October, I’ll focus on this topic in business, life, and home enterprises. If you’re in that age group and would like to chime in or write a guest post, leave a comment or contact me. Have you, are are you facing this dilemna as you develop their home business?

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