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Dress the “Brand” for Your Home Business

by Mary Emma Allen on May 24th, 2009

“Dress the “brand” for your home business.”  I heard this phrase from a speaker recently when she was describing appropriate dress to promote yourself.  Are you wearing apparel that promotes products and services other than your own?  Or are you wearing something that calls attention to your business?

 You might not be aware when you’re advertising a competitor’s business.  However, when you wear apparel (hat, t-shirt, tie, sweats, shoes) that is inscribed with someone else’s name or logo, you’re actually promoting their brand. 

 So…why not wear something that promotes your brand?

 The speaker was promoting vitamins and nutrition.  To teach her workshop, she dressed in a professional black pantsuit and wore a white t-shirt under her jacket.  Across the front of the t-shirt were the logo and name of the brand she represented.  Or you might wear a shirt or t-shirt with the name and logo on the pocket, not bold and blasting, but there.

 Why wear a t-shirt, jacket, hat with another company’s name when you can wear your own?  “But they’re not competitors, only a sports clothing manufacturer,” you say.

 However, you’re still promoting their brand when you could be promoting your own.  If you don’t have a logo or brand design, consider developing one.

 Consider how you can create a brand you can wear.  Companies like Café Press will produce apparel with your logo and brand emblazoned.  Some ideas:

  •  Logo on cap
  • Logo on t-shirt
  • Name on sweat shirt
  • Name on notebook you use
  • Name/logo on notepaper
  • Name/logo on jacket

Have you developed a logo you’re using or could use on apparel and other items?  I’ve been considering how to create one for my writing/blogging business.

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