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“Get the Lead Out of Toys Day” (Sample press release accompanying “Apprentice” competition)

by Mary Emma Allen on November 15th, 2007

Black Friday is “Get the Lead Out of Toys Day”

Kids Product Expert Provides Tips to Find Safe Toys for the Holidays

DATE-City, State- With the arrival of the holidays, children’s toys and products are flying off the shelves of retail stores.  However, new dangers have been brought to the consumer’s attention about the high levels of lead found in some children’s products. 

“It’s a scary time for parents, who are looking to provide fun, but safe toys and other products for their kids,” says Kay Smith, creator of Kay’s Kid Cooking Creations (www.kayskidcookingcreations.com). “That’s why I felt it was important to make Black Friday – the busiest shopping day of the year – Get the Lead Out Day – to create awareness of kid-friendly products that are lead-free.”

Smith has designed a variety of pint-sized aprons and chef hats, with certified lead-free buttons and adornments. She offers the following tips to keep kids safe and get the lead out this holiday season.

1.)       Check the toy box. Make sure already owned toys and products have not been recalled due to containing lead. Visit http://www.cpsc.gov/ to get the full list of recalled items. “Conduct regular sort-and-toss session, discarding toys with chipped paint, deteriorated plastic or other broken or damaged parts,” she says.

2.)       Avoid toys made in China, unless the company can prove they do lead testing independently from their Chinese contractors.

3.)       Buy age appropriately. Kids two year old and under are the most likely age group to put things in their mouths, which could lead to lead poisoning. “It’s important to be aware of not only your child’s age, but how they will interact with the toy or product,” she says.

4.)       Clean up. Make sure that floors and play areas are clean.  Wash toys frequently to make sure no lead debris gets on them.  Wash children’s hands after playing on the floor and with toys. 

5.)       Get tested. Use lead kit test to test products you currently have for lead.

With the recent scares, it’s important to be extra diligent this year when looking for holiday items for your kids,” says Smith. “Taking some time to prepare before you head out with your shopping list can keep your child safe for this and many holiday seasons to come.”

For more information on Get the Lead Out Day, including addition tips and resources, visit www.kayskidcookingcreations.com.

About Kay’s Kid Cooking Creations (www.kayskidcookingcreations.com)

Founded in 2007 by Kay Smith, Kay’s Kid Cooking Creations provides children with the accessories to use their imagination to create the cooking experience of their dreams. The product line currently includes custom aprons and chef’s hats.  For more information, go to www.kayskidcookingcreations.com.


(This press release is part of the solution post for Kay’s problem..week 2… in the Business Channel “Apprentice” type competiton.)

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