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Gift Giving Suggestions for the Home Business Owner

by Mary Emma Allen on December 11th, 2006

When we talk of gifts as the holiday season approaches, small business owners often turn to their own talents. What can you do when it comes to offering a gift, whether it’s an item you produce or a service you offer?

For instance as a writer, I often give my books as gifts. (I suppose I assume everyone will want to read them!!) I also teach and write about scrapbooking and compiling one’s family history. (With these classes, I provide supplies from my business as part of the fee.)

Family members seem to appreciate booklets I compile of family history with family photos. This year, for a family gathering of my husband and his seven brothers, I put together a scrapbook of photos from their younger years to the present.

“How can we get a copy?” brothers and their children asked. So Jim and I are producing this scrapbook as a small gift book.

This year I’m also giving copies of my children’s anthology, Tales of Adventure & Discovery and accompanying coloring book to a children’s home our church helps. This book has received favorable reviews from teachers who use it in their classrooms, so I’m assuming recipients at the home will find it of interest. I’ll also offer to tutor youngsters, via online classes, who may be interested in writing stories.

When I actively operated a quilting business in our home, family members and friends received items I made. Consider what you offer through your home based business …give the actual item or gift certificates that others can give.

*Gift certificates…you can give these as gifts yourself or sell them for customers to purchase for their gift giving.

*Give something you make or have available that is special for a particular person on your list.

*Give small handouts to your customers…stuffers for their shopping bags or packages mailed.

*Give a gift certificate for a service you perform.

These gift ideas can be for people on your list or as suggestions for your customer’s gift giving. Also, you can offer to do gift wrapping for your custmers.

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