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When Your Home Business Is at the Whims of Nature

by Mary Emma Allen on January 31st, 2007

Natural conditions can affect so many home businesses…not just farmers and those working in the out-of-doors.  The supplies you use for craft and other businesses also may be in short supply because of adverse natural conditions.  If you have a business remotely connected with the weather, you can be affected when there are changes.

When you’re deciding what to develop as you firm up your desire to work from home, take into consideration whether you will be in any way affected by natural conditions…heat, cold, rain, snow, droughts, too much water.  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t venture into your desired home business.  Simply crank into the planning phase these conditions and what would happen, incomewise, if you should have natural adversity.  You don’t need to have disasters…simply changes due to nature.

For instance, in our region this winter, we’ve had a lack of snow for the ski areas to operate at maximum capacity.  Even the snowmaking equipment often hasn’t been able to do its job because of warm nights.

So…naturally the ski areas have suffered.  But there is a spin-off that affects other businesses.   Supposing you have a home business making ski hats and mittens on your knitting machine.  You supply shops in the area, as well as sell them from a room in your home.

With the lack of extremely cold weather (until recently) and lack of skiers and those involved in other winter activities, your business may drop off.  This is just one example of how the whims of nature can affect your business and why you should have a contingency plan, back-up income, or cash reserve.


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