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Fun Friday Post: Weigh More, Pay More To Fly & Save The Planet

by Mary Emma Allen on June 6th, 2008


Has this become a trend? Criticism of those who weigh more, as emphasized through a so-called test or mock ad about the advantages of flying with Derrie-Air Airlines? Overweight people apparently are now not just endangering their health, they’re endangering the planet, according to this spoof.

This tongue-in-cheek fake ad has caused a flurry of discussion and criticism. In addition to criticizing a segment of the population, does the newspaper decrease its credibility by using fake ads? Will readers know what to believe in the future?

Our task this week for our Fun Friday Post at the Business Channel was to comment on this ad.

This isn’t the only article I’ve come across hinting at (actually doing more than hinting) the supposition that those who weigh more cause adverse effects on the environment. I discussed a study, that suggests obesity may contribute to global warming, in another blog post recently, Global Warming & Its Connection With Shorts & Bathing Suit Weather & Home Business.

Does this ad in the Philadelphia Inquirer add fuel to the fire of this assumption? Is this something like the initially low key campaign against SUVs endangering the environment that developed into a full fledged one?

Is this study the first hint that there’s a more direct campaign out there against obesity? Not that it may endanger your health, but that it’s bad for the environment, too. What’s the reason? Do you have thoughts on this?

(For those who are curious…no, I’m not overweight. In fact, I’ve had a challenge with anorexia throughout my life. Those who are a bit heavier than normal have a challenge, too. Most try to overcome this so don’t need an advertising campaign, a spoof or not, making fun of them.)

Let’s use some diplomacy…in advertising…in humor…in our dealings with our customers…in our business in general.

What do you think?

(c)2008 Mary Emma Allen

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