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Home Business Owners Make Home Visits & Give Personalized Service

by Mary Emma Allen on October 28th, 2007

In this age of often less customer contact, with a great deal of shopping taking place over the Internet, some home business owners find an increase in their business if they make home visits. This doesn’t mean being a salesperson who stops by the home, only to find no one there.

Make appointments to conduct your services at your customer/client’s homes, deliver products, adapt to their personal needs. An article at Seattlepi.com, Mobile business owners find personal touch is worth hassles, by Mary Ann Albright, relates the experiences of several who’ve taken their business to this level.

“By being willing to fit into customers’ lives, these business owners are collecting friends as they win over clients.”

Included in Albright’s discussion of small businesses with the personal touch are a massage therapist, dry cleaning pick up and delivery service, and food delivery. I’ve also heard of veterinarians who equip a van and travel to the home to treat pets. Another gal I know has a pet grooming business and visits pet owners’ homes.

You might give this some thought and see how you can include personal touches and service in your home business. Even if you can’t incorporate home visits into your home business(the nature of your business/service, higher price of gasoline, lack of a vehicle, etc.), consider how you can personalize your service so your customers/clients feel you care about their needs.

Personalized service may be that ” extra something” you can give to your business that helps you succeed in this Internet age.

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