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Home Business Strategies for the New Year

by Mary Emma Allen on December 26th, 2006

As you look back over the past year in your business, do you see anything you’d like to change? Now is a good time (as you run final totals on your income and expenses and get figures ready for taxes) to make an assessment of what you’ve accomplished.

*Did you make the income you were expecting?

*Are there ways you can save time producing your items or performing your services without sacrificing quality?

*How can you reach more customers?

*Do you need to organize better so that you don’t waste time looking for “stuff”?

*How can you be more time efficient?

*Did you spend enough time with your family? Can you find a better balance?

*Do you need to take a class in your area of production or service, in office management, in computer technology?

*Do you need new equipment? If so, how will you pay for it?

*Are there some products that aren’t selling well? Why?

*Should you expand into another line?

As you ask yourself these questions, you’ll get an idea if there are strategies and work methods you should change, or at least tweek. These questions may lead to others that will help you in accessing your home business.

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