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Home Business - The Desire of Many People

by Mary Emma Allen on April 22nd, 2007

At a business conference I attended recently, one point was emphasized...people nowadays are looking to home businesses for more security than the traditional job offers…or to provide security if their employment ends.

Then this morning I received an e-mail from a relative, telling me she lost her job, just short of 15 years of service, when there was a change of managers where she works.  Often job terminations are without notice.  A friend of my daughter walked into work one morning and was informed her job was terminated.  She could clean out her desk that day.  She was a good employee, she was told, but her job wasn’t needed any more. 

These aren’t unusual stories with changes in management, company mergers, budget tightening. 

        Loss of employment can cause emotional as well as financial strain.    So…more people are looking toward developing an income outside their job…before that job is terminated.  This often gives them the option of deciding to terminate their job on their time frame, or at least to have a padding if they do find themselves without employment.

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