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Is Your Business Fueling Childhood Obesity & Poor School Performance?

by Mary Emma Allen on January 28th, 2008

HomeBizNotes.comDepending on the products you sell or the services you provide, you may find an additional tax on these items if you live in New Mexico (USA).  According to an article at Levine Breaking News, US State Wants to Tax TVs, Video Games to Fight Fat, Fund Education, a Democratic lawmaker, along with the Sierra Club, proposes that a tax be levied on the sale of televisions and video games. Their reasoning is that use of these items result in lack of exercise which, in turn, leads to obesity in children and poor performance at school.

If this law passes in New Mexico, will it expand to other states, other countries, or to other products that someone deems are harmful to our health and that of our children? Will we encounter a “health” police that will tax anything it considers bad for us?

Sometimes something that looks unlikely, or wasn’t even considered several years ago, can gain momentum. What will it be here?

And how will this thinking affect home businesses?

Any thoughts on this?

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