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Know The Laws & Licensing Regulations Before Starting Your In Home Daycare Business

by Yvonne Russell on September 6th, 2008


Guest Post
By Debbie Yost

Reader Question:
Since you’ve successfully run a daycare for 5 years I thought maybe (if you have the time) you could offer some advice. Thanks!

I want to leave the daycare that I’m at. I don’t feel as though they respect me and I like being at home (I feel more comfortable there) and I want to make money doing what I’m good at. I just don’t want to start off on the wrong foot with my daycare, it could be costly not knowing what to do and how to do it. I want to do this right.

Debbie Yost Replies:
The first thing you need to do is contact your state licensing agency. Each state handles licenses differently and have different laws regarding when a license is required. For instance, in Kansas you can either be licensed or registered. Both require an initial inspection by the state and local health department, but licensed daycares have to be renewed and inspected every year where registered don’t.

In Missouri, you only need a license if you are watching more than 4 unrelated children. If you are watching less than 4 unrelated children you don’t even need to notify the state that you are operating a daycare. Your state will provide you with the necessary laws, rules and regulations you need to follow. Because each state has different laws that must be followed, it would not be possible to address them here.

Second, there may be training you will need such as CPR and First Aid before opening your daycare. Your state agency will be able to assist you in finding local organizations that provides this training. Once you have contacted your state agency, I recommend visiting Redleaf Press for any catalogs or forms and ideas to help you run a successful daycare.

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