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More Objections To Businesses In The Home

by Mary Emma Allen on December 9th, 2007

(Home Biz Notes.com) Another news story reinforces the advice to check into zoning regulations, sub-division agreements, health codes, as well as restrictions that may have been written into  your deed (if you own) and lease (if you rent) before starting a home business.  This holds true particularly if you have many people coming to your door and/or numerous deliveries and pick-ups.

In this article, Commissioners vote no on home business, in the Houston (TX) Home Journal, we learn that even though the homeowners had received permission from the County Zoning and Appeals Commission and their home owners association president, the Houston County Commissioners turned down the idea after numerous residents complained.

The homeowners explained that materials and trucks for their water-damage clean-up business would be stored elsewhere.  However, it appears that neighbors didn’t like the idea of so many delivery trucks on the street.  Also, apparently in the subdivision’s covenant, the homes there were for residential use only.

Make sure, before you start a home business, that it won’t present situations in violation of existing laws and regulations.  With many businesses being strictly online nowadays, there is less problem with those causing problems.  However, I’ve heard of cases where there have been objections, especially if the business involves numerous deliveries and pick-ups as you sell items online.

(The cases I reference to or use as examples generally occur in the United States.  How strict are regulations in other countries?  How about letting us know?)

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  • Des Walsh
    Dec 16, 2007 at 10:27 pm

    In Australia there has been a bit of a push in the past few years from the Federal level to ease the burden of red tape on home based businesses. This has operated at the level of a joint Federal/State Ministerial Council. The last statement I can find from that source is from 2006 and now that there is a new Federal Government it may be a while before any further action is taken. In informal discussions with local government officials I’ve found a sense of some frustration, basically in that if councils are to get information about what is needed then some people are going to have to say what they are doing but who wants to expose themselves to the risk that what they are doing might contravene some business or residential area regulation?

  • Mary Emma Allen
    Dec 17, 2007 at 6:14 am

    Thanks, Des, for your input about business regulations in Australia and the frustrations involved. In the U.S., it’s more the local and state regulations we’re involved with. However, nothing is really uniform from state to state and within a state. Then each community (town) has a zoning and/or planning board which regulates, too. Within these there may be subdivision or housing development regulations. Then in other local areas regulations are relatively non-existent. However, in spite of all this, many small and home businesses exist!

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