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Partner With Complementary Businesses To Increase Your Business Reach

by Yvonne Russell on October 28th, 2007

Home businesses may benefit from partnering with complementary businesses, either home based, online or brick and mortar stores. Note, I didn’t say competitors, although you can sometimes partner very effectively with them too.

Working With Complementary Businesses
Complementary businesses are businesses that cater to a similar market, but offer different services and products. A home based hairdresser, nail technician, dress store and gift store may band together to offer packages, gift vouchers, special offers. The may also combine their talents and services for joint marketing and promotions.

Embrace The Benefits Of Working Collaboratively
One of the major benefits of embracing the concept of working with complementary businesses is the power of shared resources, shared ideas, shared skills, client referrals and networking. You can reach a broader client group, without feeling threatened that the other businesses will steal your customers.

Some Possible Complementary Business Partnerships For Home Business Owners

  • Freelance Writer - Web Designer - Public Relations Expert - Printshop - Seminar Organizer
  • Quilter - Quilt Store Owner - Scrapbooking Store - Sewing Machine Store - Craft Store - Fabric Store
  • Home Based Bookstore - Library - Self Published Author - Freelance Writer - Caterer for Author Events
  • Paving Contractor - Landscape Gardener - Lawn Mowing Business -
  • Tea Party Organizer - Etiquette Consultant - Restaurant - Caterer - Event Organizer - Tea Shop
  • Wedding Photographer - Wedding Planner - Caterer - Florist - Photographer
  • Gift Basket Service Owner - Soap Maker - Chocolate Maker - Caterer - Craftsperson - Calligrapher

Laura at Work From Home Momma also raises the interesting concept of bartering your services with other businesses. Business owners running complementary businesses may be able to help each other with skills.

Over To You
Do you work in with complementary businesses or barter. I’d love to hear from you.

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