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Spin-offs for Home Businesses - Giving Talks

by Mary Emma Allen on December 15th, 2006

As you develop a home business or your hobby evolves into one, you may find occasions to give talks to groups about what you do.  Of course, some businesses lend themselves more readily than others as topics for talks.

However, you may have a fascinating interest, non-business related hobby, unusual trip you can talk about to a group/organization looking for a program.  In giving presentations, you help entertain and inform others, as well as promote your home business in a low key way.

*As a quilter and fabric artist, you can talk about quilting history and the evolution of your particular work.

*A home builder could give a talk about preparing one’s home for winter.

*An artist might give actual sketching demonstrations.

*A writer could give a reading from his/her books or a talk about the book’s topic, as I do about Alzheimer’s.

*A landscape planner could develop many talks on designing one’s yard and planting.

*If you grow vegetables and sell them at a roadside stand, your knowledge about gardens would be of interest to many groups.

Look at what you’re doing and determine what others might like to learn about your business and how you can give them information to enrich their lives.

If you don’t consider youself a speaker, you’ll find it isn’t too difficult when you’re talking about something you know.  Have visuals, items you can handle, pictures you can show to help hold interest and give you prompts.

At first you might give talks as a way to let others know about you and your business.  Eventually you may get paid for it as well.  Also, you could find yourself enjoying this spin-off for your home business.

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