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The Mommy Blogging Wars - Do You Own Your Business Name?

by Yvonne Russell on April 25th, 2008

Eliza Ferree at Baby Lune writes about two blogs with similar names - Momologue vs Mamalogues.

Mamalogues trademarked her name in 2004. A trademark is different to registering a business name.

The trademark give the owner of Mamalogues the right to use the name in the same way as Coca Cola owns the trademark to that name. If a store wanted to open up and call themselves e.g. Bloomingdales, they would find themselves with a lawsuit on their hands, as they would be infringing an original trademark.

Even a variation could be an infringement which is what is being argued in the Momologue vs Mamalogues to and fro being played out amid plenty of media and blog coverage.

While I’m not an attorney, I do know that not researching your name before you start up is crazy. I heard of one start up which paid thousands in marketing materials, business cards and the like only to find that someone else had already registered the business name they wanted to use.

It will be interesting to follow the Momologue vs Mamalogues discussion.

Do you own your business name? Are you sure?
What are your thoughts on the Mamalogues vs Momologue discussion?

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